It is a distributed central controller developed based on an embedded platform, which can realize intelligent network control. It is applicable to the unified intelligent control and exhibition of multiple conference rooms or multiple venues. Working with the splicing system, it is suitable for command centers, lecture halls, exhibition halls, multipurpose halls and other places.


  • Using the latest 32-bit embedded processor, the processing speed can reach up to 528MHz.
  • Equipped with 100Mbps standard RJ45 network port, supports local and remote various control methods, and supports full network control.
  • SupportB/S architecture, support the management and control of distributed systems through IOS and Android PCs and mobile platforms.
  • Support distributed deployment architecture, support unlimited expansion of the port as required.
  • Support programmable control platform, interactive control structure, and intelligent linkage between multiple devices.
  • With 8 independent programmable serial ports, support two-way transmission of RS232, RS485 and RS422 signals.
  • 4 independent programmable IRemission ports, support adjustable transmission power.
  • Embedded intelligent infrared learning function module, no need to configure professional learners.
  • With an infrared receiving port, support infrared remote control learning.
  • Equipped with 8 programmable digital I/0 input and output control ports,and protection circuit.

Product Detail

Model TV-715
Processor 32-bit Cortex- A7 ARM architecture microprocessor, clocked at up to 528MHZ
RAM 256M DDR3 RAM, 128MNAND Flash
Internet One-channel RJ45 network port, 100Mbps.
Serial port 8-channel DB9, programmable
IR emission 4 IR emission ports, transmit carrier 38KHz, support up to 1.142MHz,

2 levels of emission power (high/low  adjustable)

IR receiving 1 IR IN port, carrier 38KHz
Relay control port 8 channels, support AC 125V/1A or DC 30V/2A
I/O port 8 independent programmable, custom input/output control ports
DC power output 2 channels, 24V/1A
Packaging method Metal cabinet, support rack installation
Power supply AC100-240V, 50-60Hz
Power consumption 18W
Dimension (L×W×H) 484×255×45mm
Weight 3Kg

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