It is a high-performance switcher that can uniformly convert/switch different types of audiovisual input signals to HDMI/HDBaseT signals. Through the built-in resolution controller, all input signals can be converted to the actual required output resolution. It supports the maximum resolution of 1920*1200 @ 60Hz; it adopts the innovative audio configuration/switching technology to eliminate the popping sound and lagging phenomenon in audio switching.


  • Support 11video signal inputs, including 2 VGA, 4 HDMI, 2 DVI, 1 YPbPr, 1 SVIDEO, and 1 CVBS.
  • Support 8unbalanced analog stereo audio inputs, 1 RCA unbalanced analog stereo audio input (YPbPr, SVIDEO, CVBS share the audio input channel), and 1 microphone  input.
  • Support 1HDMI, 1 HDBaseT video signal output.
  • Support 1unbalanced analog stereo audio output, 1 dual channel unbalanced analog stereo audio amplifier output.
  • Support mixing output of analog audio signals and microphone audio signals.
  • Support individual volume adjustment.
  • Support selection input of analog audio and HDMI embedded audio.
  • The audio signal support fade-in and fade-out functions during startup, mute, and switching.
  • HDMI and HDBaseT video signal output supports 10 levels of adjustable resolution, 1024x768_60P, 1280x720_60P, 1280x1024_60P, 1366x768_60P, 1400x1050_60P, 1440x900_60P, 1600x1200_60P, 1680x1050_60P, 1920x1080_60P, 1920x1200_60P.

Product Detail


Input channel11 channels
Output channel2 channels
Support input signalHDMI,DVI,VGA,YPbPr,CVBS,SVideo
Support output signalHDMI, HDBaseT
Interface bandwidth2.25Gbps,fully digital(Total 6.75Gbps,2.25Gbps/each color)
InterfaceRS-232, 9-pin female D-type interface
Baud rate and protocolBaud rate: 115200bps, data bit: 8 bits, stop bit: 1, no parity check bit
Ethernet control interfaceRJ-45 female interface
Ethernet control protocolTCP/IP
Ethernet control rateAdaptive 10M/100M, full or half-duplex
Power supply100VAC~240VAC,50/60Hz, International adaptive power supply
Maximum power consumption96W
Environment temperature-20℃—+70℃

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