• Unique patented technology, designed with an anti-RF interference hose, completely eliminates the sizzling noise.
  • Unique microphone head design, even without cotton cover, can completely eliminate the low-frequency “pop” sound.
  • Professional large cardioid condenser microphone core, extremely high sensitivity and voice clarity, red and green annular indicator light.
  • Red indicator light means MIC is speaking; green indicator light means it is applying to speak.
  • Support squealing suppression function, when the microphone is turned on, built-in speaker will be off.
  • Designed with built-in speaker and earphone jack, earphone volume is adjustable.
  • The unit comes with a 1.8mwire; the wire is shielded by full aluminum foil + waterline, which greatly reduces the interference of strong electromagnetic waves on the wire and eliminates the sizzling noise.
  • Passive unit, conference controller power supply, 24V DC, safety range.
  • The number of spokesmen of the chairman unit is not limited.
  • Chairman unit has the priority to control the entire conference process.
  • The connection position of the chairman unit is not limited, and it can be connected in series at any position of the line.
  • Hand-in-hand connection, easy for installation and maintenance.
  • 5 multi-function keys can be used for meeting voting and meeting evaluation.
  • The key indicator has the prompt function of real-time voting status.
  • The speaking unit can apply for or cancel the speech application.
  • The LCD display can display the voting process and the voting mode.

Product Detail

Microphone typeCardioid directional electret
Frequency response80Hz~16KHz
Microphone input impedance1KΩ
Sensitivity-34±2dB(0dB=1V/Pa,at 1kHz)
Max SPL100dB (THD>3%)
Dynamic range>80dB
Max power consumption2.5W
Headphone load8-32Ω
Headphone volumeMax 40mW
Headphone interface3.5mm Headphone monaural jack
Connector1.8m aviation 8 core cable
Hand-in-hand expansion portUnavailable
Power supply modeController power supply DC24V
Voting function5/3 keys to vote
functionButton sign-in
DisplayLCD blue screen with white text on blue background
Microphone height409mm
Installation MethodTabletop

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