The array microphone can always provide high-quality sound while the speaker makes large movements. The speaker can stand up, sit down, turn head, move forward, and so on, and the sound effect of the microphone is not affected at all.


  • 48kHz sampling rate, clear and bright sound, better than CD sound quality; DSP audio processor inside, no low-frequency impact sound.
  • It has functions of speech timekeeping and speech countdown.
  • The chairman unit has the priority function to turn off all delegate microphones that are speaking. The delegate unit can apply for speaking with approval of the chairman.
  • 5-bandEQ adjustment function (it can be adjusted by entering the password and logging into the PC software), adjust the sound effects according to the characteristics of different speakers.
  • 100M network transmission, hand-in-hand cascade, long-distance transmissionand perfect sound quality.
  • It adopts non-gooseneck voice pickup, the array pickup distance can reach 60cm, the directivity is good, and the cystic pickup area can effectively reduce the noise pickup.
  • Embedded electric flippingstructure, muted button, and ultra muted motor.
  • Support the unified flippingcontrol through the touch screen of the conference controller, and the PC software.
  • It is connected to the mains power supply, has a power input port and a power output port and supports a hand-in-hand cascade of power supplies.
  • When the conference controllersends out a fire alarm message, the indicator of the microphone will flash until the controller cancels the alarm.
  • Support the button sign-in function.
  • Support voice control, adjustable voice control sensitivity; under the voice control mode, both the chairman microphone and the delegate microphone can be turned on by voice control. And the delegate microphone will be automatically turned off without speaking for 30 seconds (default); the chairman unit is not restricted.
  • With the conference controllerand central control tracking system, it can realize the camera tracking function. Press the “Speak” button to start the automatic camera tracking.

Product Detail

Model TS-0214
Microphone type ECM array wired microphone(electret condenser microphone)
Microphone core 13
Frequency response 80Hz~16kHz
Input impedance 200Ω
Sensitivity -30dB (0dB=1V/pa, @1kHz)
SNR >80dB(A)
Dynamic range >80dB
Maximum SPL 112dB (THD≤0.5%, @1KHz)
THD <0.1%
Directivity Corridor
Standard IEC60914
Connector With 1.8m 6-pin aviation
Power supply ~230V 50Hz
Power consumption 10W
Loop out power ~220V-240V 50Hz
Color Silver
Sign in by pressing button
Weight 1.9kg
Size 330×70×138
Desktop opening size (through hole) 314×66
Panel sinking size 332×72×3
Installation Embedded

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