• 48KHZ sampling rate, clear and bright sound, better than the CD sound quality, built-in DSP audio processor and no low frequency “pop’ noise.
  • Built-in HIFIspeaker, supports volume adjustment and squealing suppression; when microphone is turned on, the built-in speaker will be automatically turned off.
  • Equipped witha5 mmoutlet, for recording or connecting headphones.
  • Invoice control mode, the chairman unit and the delegate unit can be turned on by voice control and voice control sensitivity is adjustable. When the delegate unit is turned on, it will be automatically turned off when no one speaking lasts for 30 seconds, while the chairman is not restricted.
  • Support 5-bandEQ adjustment function, adjust sound effects according to the characteristics of different speakers to achieve the perfect effect.
  • The chairman has the priority functionto turn off all delegate units that are speaking.
  • 100M network transmission, hand-in-hand cascade, long-distance transmission with good sound quality.
  • The capacitive touch buttonscan effectively prevent the knocking noise, creating a good conference environment.

Product Detail

Model TS-0202D
Microphone type Cardioid directional electret
Frequency response 80Hz-16KHz
Input impedance ≥1KΩ
Sensitivity -34±2dB (0dB=1V/Pa at 1kHz)
Maximum SPL 125dB (THD>3%)
SNR >80dB(A)
THD <0.1%
Power consumption 3W
Headphone load 16-32Ω
Maximum headphone volume 40mW
Headphone jack 3.5mm
Standard IEC60914
Connector With 1.8m 6-pin aviation connector
Power supply Controller power supply
Color Black
Sign in Touch button sign in
Installation Desktop
Weight 0.86Kg
Microphone pole 220mm
Size 144×128×62mm

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