It adopts a dual DSP high-performance digital signal processor and supports accurate 450MHz/40-bit floating point operation, 24bit/48KHz high-performance ADC/DAC, and 114dBtyp. dynamic range.


  • Input: including 16 channels of Mic/Line full numerical control gain analog pre-processing (XLR female plug and ¼” TRS combined input interface), 2 channels of stereo input, and 1 channel of USB Media (U disk broadcasting or Bluetooth audio) stereo.
  • Output: including 8 AUX output interfaces, 4 MTRX interfaces, 1 stereo Main L/R output interface, (all XLR male plug interfaces, differential balanced output), 1 USB stereo recording interface, and 1 stereo monitoring interface.
  • All Mic / Line input channels adopt professional-level high-quality speech amplifiers: high dynamics, low distortion, and full CNC 63-level analog gain, which can easily meet the requirements and achieve good signal matching.
  • All Mic / Line input channels can be configured: 48V phantom power, polarity switching (Pol.), noise gate (Gate), compressor (Comp), four-band parametric frequency equalization (PEQ) / with high and low shelf filter, high-pass filter (HPF), low-pass filter (LPF).

Product Detail

Main screen6.1″ x 3.5″ (156mm x 90mm), 7″ HD color TFT LCD screen, capacitive touch screen, support 800*480 resolution
Channel guide screen1.44″ color TFT LCD screen, 13Pcs 
Flashlight One-piece built-in, LED true color, optional 9 colors, adjustable brightness 
Fader100mm electric intelligent control, accuracy = 1024 gears, +10dB to -60dB /-∞All electric fader
Audio input16 Mic / Line (XLR / TRS composite balanced interface),

2 stereo LineIN (TRS balanced interface),

1 stereo USB disk or Bluetooth playback

Audio output8 MIX bus output (XLR balanced interface)

4 MTRX bus output (1/4″ TRS balanced interface)

1 stereo Main-Out L/R (XLR balanced interface)

1 stereo USB disk recording

1 stereo monitoring (1/4″ TRS stereo jack, 16Ω minimum impedance earphone)

Input channel processingNumerically controlled analog gain adjustment Gain, polarity adjustment, pre-fader/post-fader and

 other 4-position audio source selection, 4-band parametric equalization (PEQ), high-pass filter,

 low-pass filter, noise gate, compressor 

Output channel processing15-band graphic equalizer (GEQ), high-pass and low-pass filters, 4-band parametric equalization (PEQ),

compressor, delay (500ms maximum)

Recording functionStereo dual-channel recording, select a group of 5 stereo bus outputs of Main-L/R and MIX1/MIX2,

 MIX3/MIX4, MIX5/MIX6, MIX7/MIX8 as the recording source 

Group 12 DCA groups (with mute), 8 Mute Groups 
Effect4 professional effector: Chorus, Echo, Flanger, Pitch-shift, Reverb, Stereo Delay, a total of six types of effect 

processing, 60 factory presets (FX Presets), convenient and easy-to-use user presets

PresetsMixer presets: factory and user presets include all mixer parameters; stored or uploaded to the mixer

 internally and from a USB flash drive.

Channel presets: User channel presets can be stored or uploaded to the mixer internally and 

from a USB flash drive

Scene mode6 scene shortcut keys: save, delete, invoke, export and import scenes
Wi-FiUSB Wi-Fi adapter is included.
BluetoothThe USB Bluetooth adapter is included.
Sampling frequency / quantization bit48kHz / 24bit
Signal delayLess than 3.3 milliseconds, from any input to output
Frequency response FR+/- 0.1dB (20 Hz ~ 20 kHz@+4dBu input, differential balanced input/output, from MIC/

Line input to AUX output, input gain=0dB, other level gain=0dB)

THD+NLess than 0.03% (20 Hz ~ 20 kHz@+4dBu input, differential balanced input/output, from MIC/

Line input to AUX output, input gain=0dB, other level gain=0dB)

Less than 0.009% (1 kHz@+4dBu input, differential balanced input/output, from MIC/

Line input to AUX output, input gain=0dB, other level gain=0dB)

SNRBetter than 95dB (differential balanced input/output, from MIC/Line input to AUX output,

 input gain=0dB, other level gain=0dB, input level makes the device reach the maximum output without distortion)

Equivalent input noise-125dBu typ. (Differential balanced input/output, from MIC/Line input to AUX output, input gain=Max, other level gain=0dB)
Redundant output noise-90dBu typ. (Differential balanced input/output, from MIC/Line input to AUX output, all input gain=Min,

 other level gain=0dB, no signal input state)

Dynamic range DR114dB typ., DA converter

Better than 97dB (differential balanced input/output, from MIC/Line input to AUX output, input gain=Min, 

other level gain=0dB, input level makes the device reach the maximum output without distortion)

Crosstalk@1kHzBetter than -110dB (differential balanced input/output, from adjacent MIC/Line input to adjacent AUX output, 

input gain=0dB, other level gain=0dB, input level makes the device reach the maximum output without distortion)

Working voltage and power consumption85Vac ~ 240Vac, 50 ~ 60 Hz, 50WMAX
Working temperature0℃ to 40℃
Size (L×W×H)550mm×553mm×206mm
Net weight6.3kg

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