• Full digital audio technology, 48KHz sampling rate, clear and bright sound, better than CD sound quality, internal DSP audio processing, no low-frequency popping sound.
  • 7-inch touch screen, neat UI interface.
  • Cardioid directional condenser pickup, with two-color indicator light, red when speaking, with knob-type plug microphone pole.
  • With internal magnetic speakers, headphone jack. Support headset microphone and handheld microphone pickup.
  • Support SMS function, service application function, and HELP function.
  • Support cough relief function, support asking the speaker to slow down (SLOW).
  • Support speech timekeeping function (billed by time).
  • The language of each channel can be preset flexibly.
  • Support 63simultaneous interpretation channels and a maximum of 6 interpreter units can be installed in one interpretation
  • 3 fast input channels can be preset, with 3 corresponding shortcut keys (a/b/c).
  • With input channel selection button, you can easily choose among all input language channels.
  • 3 fast output channels can be preset, with 3 corresponding shortcut keys (A/B/C).

Product Detail

Model TS-0370HY
Microphone type Cardioid directional electret microphone
Frequency response 80Hz~16KHz
Microphone input impedance 2.2KΩ
Sensitivity -34dBV/Pa
SNR >80dB(A)
Dynamic range >80dB
THD <0.01%
Maximum power consumption 4W
Power supply Aviation port power supply/DC port 36V power supply
Colour Black
Display screen 7-inch resistive touch screen
Dimension (L*W*H) 268*160.83*70mm (excluding the length of the microphone pole)
Microphone pole 409mm
Installation method Desktop

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