• Made of high-quality plywood, the cabinet is characterized by small size, lightweight, and wear-resistant spray paint treatment.
  • It is composed of 2 5″ neodymium magnet mid-woofer units and 1 1.73″ neodymium magnet tweeter driver with high sensitivity.
  • The precisely designed crossover optimizes the power response and the mid-frequency expressiveness of the vocal part.
  • The hoisting combined linear array design allows the speaker coverage area to be adjusted in the range of 0-10 degrees.
  • The combination of professional pendant parts, simple and quick pendant method, easy to assemble in sound engineering.
  • With a wide range of applications, it works with TA professional amplifiers and audio processors. It is suitable for reinforcement in conference rooms, multi-function halls, and banquet halls.

Product Detail

Type2-channel linear array speakerSubwoofer
Rated power200W500W
Peak power800W2000W
Nominal impedance
Frequency range65Hz-20KHz45Hz-500Hz
Tweeter1.73″ compressed driver*1/
Horizontal coverage angle (-6dB)120°/
Vertical coverage angle (-6dB)10°/
Dimension (H×W×D)(167+118)×455×315mm360×455×400mm

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