It is suitable for medium and large theaters, outdoor performances, stadiums, nightclubs, entertainment venues, bars, banquet halls, concert halls, concerts and so on. 


  • The latest class-Damplifier design has low distortion and high efficiency.
  • Switched power supply, with high efficiency; soft starter can prevent absorbing large currents into the power grid when starting up and interfering with other electrical devices.
  • Effectively suppress power harmonics, meet the EU green power standard.
  • Intelligent peak clipper controls the power module and speaker system to work within a safe range.
  • Phoenix terminal input interface, simple interface design is more convenient for different use
  • Turn on the function of sequencer to turn on the amplifier.
  • The remote interface can use the central control system to turn on/off the amplifier.
  • Fault trigger output function: when the amplifier is normal, the output is an open circuit. When the amplifier is faulty, the output is short-circuited.
  • Support stereo or bridge working mode for different occasions.
  • With overvoltage protection, under-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, over-current protection, DC protection, output short circuit protection, temperature control fan, etc.

Product Detail

Model TS-8120S
Output power (20-20KHz/THD≤1%)


Stereo 8Ω × 4: 120W × 4; Stereo 4Ω × 4: 240W × 4; Bridge @8Ω×8: 500W×4
Interface Phoenix terminal interface
Voltage gain (@1KHz) 32dB
Input sensitivity 0.775V
Input resistance 10KΩ unbalanced, 20KΩ balanced
Frequency response (@1W power) 20-20KHz/+1/-2dB
THD+N (@1/8 power) ≤0.05%
SNR (A-weighted) ≥92dB
Damping factor (@ 1KHz) ≥200@ 8 ohms
Resolution (@1KHz) ≥80dB
Protection method Overcurrent protection, DC protection, short circuit protection
Indicator light Power supply, protection, distortion
Cooling method Fan cooling
Power supply ~ 220V/230V/ 50Hz
Maximum power consumption 2200W
Size (L xWxH) 483x410x88 mm
Weight 9.8Kg

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