• Protocol compatibility: used with programmable central controller, fully support third-party device control.
  • Manual control: there are 8 tact switches in the front panel; the switch of the relay can be manually controlled in emergency. This function can be used in case of special situation on-site to protect other equipment well.
  • With 8 relays, each relay has a wiring pole with three connection points and supports functions of normally open and normally closed; with1 neutral terminal interface.
  • With 8 independent power switch control, single current supports 20A.
  • With a reset button, support factory reset function.
  • With equipment running status indicator and switch status indicator of 8 relays.
  • With 1 network interface, support remote control through the network.
  • Support ID identification, when controlling multiple units through the central control network, they can be identified by ID.
  • Support the function of keyboard lock (LOCK) to prevent misoperation, convenient for maintenance and management.

Product Detail

Model TS-9101
Manual Operation 8 channels independent power switch control
Loading Capacity Single channel 20A
Power Supply Wide voltage universal power supply(AC110V-220V)
Control Method Connect to NET interface by RS-232
Network Port RJ-45,100M
RS-232 Port 3Pin Header; Baud rate: 9600, Data bit: 8, Stop bit: 1, parity bit: none
Size 484×209×44(mm)
Weight 3.2Kg
Switching Current (MAX) 20A
Maximum Power Consumption 7.2W

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