• Protocol compatibility: used with programmable central controller, fully support third-party device control.
  • Manual control: there are 8 tact switches in the front panel; the switch of the relay can be manually controlled in emergency. This function can be used in case of special situation on-site to protect other equipment well.
  • With 8 relays, each relay has a wiring pole with three connection points and supports functions of normally open and normally closed; with1 neutral terminal interface.
  • With 8 independent power switch control, single current supports 20A.
  • With a reset button, support factory reset function.
  • With equipment running status indicator and switch status indicator of 8 relays.
  • With 1 network interface, support remote control through the network.
  • Support ID identification, when controlling multiple units through the central control network, they can be identified by ID.
  • Support the function of keyboard lock (LOCK) to prevent misoperation, convenient for maintenance and management.

Product Detail

Manual Operation8 channels independent power switch control
Loading CapacitySingle channel 20A
Power SupplyWide voltage universal power supply(AC110V-220V)
Control MethodConnect to NET interface by RS-232
Network PortRJ-45,100M
RS-232 Port3Pin Header; Baud rate: 9600, Data bit: 8, Stop bit: 1, parity bit: none
Switching Current (MAX)20A
Maximum Power Consumption7.2W

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