The large professional mixer has 18 channels of mono, and 6 channels of stereo, with dual audio processor and 4 marshaling outputs. It is suitable for various performance venues, conference rooms, schools, intelligent buildings, industrial and mining enterprises as well as for personal use.


  • 18 gold-plated XLR microphone inputs and balanced line inputs.
  • 6 stereo TRS balanced input interfaces.
  • Ultra-low noise preamplifier and +48V phantom power.
  • Extremely high space provides a wider dynamic range.
  • All input channels are equipped with mute, SOLO function, the overload LED & low cut filter
  • MIC channel with low cut filter and stage.
  • Each channel has 6AUX transmission, with AUX1-2/AUX3-4/AUX5-6 andPRE/POS switchable faders.
  • Microphone channel IF supports 3-band EQ adjust
  • Stereo channel has 4-band EQ.
  • WithSUB1-2, SUB3-4, MAINL-R and center signal distribution switch.
  • 100mm high precision fader.
  • Each channel is equipped with a plug-in interface and a direct output interface, the main plug-in interface for flexible connection to external devices.
  • (SUB1-SUB2)(SUB3-SUB4)|(L-R) (center) A&B matrix.
  • Control room mobile devices.
  • 2-TRACK IN can be distributed to the main microphone, control room/headphone output.
  • Fully assignable intercom system.
  • With USB port, support recordingSUB1-2 or main output, and transmitting to CH23-24 system bus for playback.
  • 100optionsof DSP effects.

Product Detail

Model TS-24PFX-4
Input impedance Mic 2kohm balanced Line 10kohm balanced
Input gain Mic continuous variable: 0dB to +50dB Line-mono continuous variable: -15dB to +35dB Line-stereo continuous variable: -20dB to +20bB
Maximum input level Mic +22dBu

Line – (mono) + 22dBu

Line – (stereo) + 22dBu

Interface transmission impedance 120ohm unbalanced
Interface transmission level / maximum -10dBu/+22dBu
Loop impedance 10kohm unbalanced
Interface loop level / maximum -10dBu/+22dBu
CMR at 1 kHz Line (20Hz-20kHz) >60dB
Frequency response Mixing to mixing 20Hz-20kHz +/-3dB
SNR (20Hz-20kHz) Mic EIN ref.150ohms-117dBu
System noise (20Hz-20kHz)
Summing noise -90dBu (24-channel routing pull low to fader)
Wired mixing noise -86dBu (24 channel routing to 0dB, pan center)
Distortion at 1kHz Mixing to device interface (+30dB overall gain, +20dBu output) <0.009% Mixing to device interface (+30dB overall gain, +20dBu output) wavelength 0.03%
Crosstalk at 1 kHz Channel to channel >-80dB Mixing to mixing >-80dB Channel to mixing >-80dB
Fader attenuation >100dB
Output (rated signal level mic-50dBu to 0dBu-Line 0dBu)
Output channel 14 outputs (4 groups, 6.5 single-plug interface output; 6 auxiliary,  6.5 single-plug interface output; 1 stereo monitor, 6.5 single-plug interface output; 1 stereo RCA output port; 1 stereo main output  XLR/6.5 single plug interface; 1 channel center audio output/ 6.5 single plug interface.)
Output impedance All line outputs are 120ohm unbalanced
Interface transmission impedance 120ohm unbalanced
Interface transmission level / maximum +22dBu
Interface loop impedance 10kohm imbalanced
Interface loop level / maximum +22dBu
Maximum output level at XLR main output +28dBu
All outputs on 1/4″ plug +22dBu
Headphone +22dBu/600ohm
Main mixing section
Treble slope +/-15dB @ 12kHz
Alto-treble signal bell (stereo) +/-12dB @ 3kHz
Alto-treble signal bell (single) +/-12dB frequency range 100Hz-80kHz
Alto-bass signal bell (stereo) +/-12dB @ 500Hz
Bass signal bell (stereo) +/-15dB @ 80Hz
High pass filter slope -18dB/Oct. @ 75Hz
Power supply 100-240V-50/60Hz
Net weight 19.42kg

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