The itcHUB Intelligent Conference Flat Panel focuses on small and medium-sized conference room scenarios, creating a small conference center.The flat panel integrates functions such as high-definition display, digital whiteboard, 4K camera, array microphone, intelligent central control and high-quality audio; Equipped with Windows 10 IoT system, it meets the needs of conference presentation, writing, interaction, collaboration, sharing, video, data security, environment monitoring and control and other needs, covering the entire process of the meeting.


  • 75/ 86/ 98 inch DLED LCD display with 4K Ultra HD display, narrow frame design, support USB multimedia file playback.
  • Built-in 1200W pixel high-definition camera and 8 array microphones, the sound pickup distance is up to 10m, supports automatic noise reduction, automatic gain, echo cancellation, and sound source localization.
  • Equipped with 2.2-channel professional audio, 5 scene sound effects optional: standard, conference, human voice, music, cinema.
  • High-precision touch, support 1.6mm fine recognition.
  • Support Type-C full-featured interface to realize screen projection, reverse control, audio and video signal transmission functions.
  • HDMI supports 4K 60Hz loop-through output; DP supports 4K 60Hz input.
  • The screen and screen protection layer adopts zero bonding technology to effectively prevent light reflection.
  • Support anti-glare, using AG tempered glass to reduce ambient light interference, screen reflection and glare damage to the eye.
  • Support hardware-level anti-blue light, filter and reduce harmful high-energy short-wave blue light, long-term viewing without fatigue.
  • Support 85% high color gamut for clearer images, more vivid colors and more saturated colors.
  • The camera array microphone is a detachable module, designed with a 12pogo pin magnetic interface, without separate wiring, and physical protection is used to prevent the possibility of conference information leakage.
  • Support a variety of wake-up methods: voice, keep watching, double-click the touch screen, and button method. The watch wake-up method can be customized to set the watch time.
  • Support the wake-up function by lifting the pen; support quick use of the whiteboard and annotation functions by lifting the pen.
  • With voice assistant auxiliary function, support the operation of main functions by voice assistants, such as start meeting, end meeting, rest screen, shutdown and other operations.

Understand All of Your Eye Expression

The camera dynamically captures human behavior; Gaze at the camera to start the machine;

Gazing confirmation mechanism is added to avoid the wrong startup of the machine


One Screen with Multiple Use

With patented hybrid split-screen technology,

support simultaneous display of whiteboard, video, documents, screen projection, etc;
support writing annotations


Product Detail

Model TV-X8175 TV-X8186 TV-X8198
Processor I3-1135G7<Turbo-4.2G>
System version Windows 10 IoT
Storage 128GB
Screen type DLED LCD display
Screen size 75 inches16:9) 86 inches(16:9) 98 inches(16:9)
Screen display size 1895V x 1066H
Physical resolution 3840(H)×2160(V)
Color gamut NTSC 85%
Display color 1.07B(10bit)
Brightness 350CD/㎡(min.)  400CD/㎡(typ.)
Contrast 1200:1(typ.)
Anti-blue light Support
Glare Support
Frame rate 60Hz
Color degree/color depth 1.07B (10bit),10.7 billion colors
Viewing angle 178°(H/V)
Camera type Magnetic camera, pluggable, plug and play
Camera pixel 1200W
Maximum field of view angle 105°±5°
Horizontal field of view angle 90°±5°
Lens focusing Autofocus
Angle adjustment 15° downward adjustment
Low illuminatio New CMOS image sensor, application of noise reduction algorithm to greatly reduce image noise, image noise ratio ≥ 55dB
Drive standard UVC/UAC national standard
Camera Module Dimensions (L×W×H) 292mm×41mm×31mm
Microphone pickup distance 10m
Input interface 1*LAN; 1*TOUCH; 1*HDMI-IN; 1*DP-IN; 1*VIDEO-IN (USB-C+reverse control); 1*LINE-IN; 1*MIC-IN; (gen3 10G rate);

1*USB-C (gen3 10G rate); 1*RS232; 2*IO; 2*RELAY

Output Interface 1*HDMI-OUT;1*LINE-OUT;
Touch sensing technology Infrared induction recognition touch technology
Maximum input points 40 points
Response time 8ms(typ.)
Writing method Opaque objects such as fingers, touch pens, etc.
Writing height 2.0mm
Touch Accuracy The middle 90% touch area is ±1mm
Two-point identification distance >20mm
Theoretical clicks Unlimited
Touch diameter Single point ≥ 1.6mm, multi-point ≥ 2mm
Glass Specification 3.2mm tempered glass
Writing screen surface hardness 7H
Interpolation resolution 32768 × 32768
Operating voltage DC 5V±5%
Power ≤2.5W
WiFi 2.4GHz and 5GHz
Power supply 90-264V~50/60HZ input
Standard power consumption ≤460W
Standby power consumption <0.5W
Audio channel 2.2 channel
Sound power 2*16W @ 4Ω+2*16W @ 4Ω
Storage temperature -10℃~+60℃
Storage humidity 10%~80%RH,no condensation
Working temperature 0℃~+40℃
Working humidity 20%~80%RH,no condensation
Working altitude ≤5000m
Bare metal size (L×W×H) 1717.3mm ×98.2mm × 1011.3mm 1962.6mm ×102.1mm × 1149.4mm 2231.3mm ×122.2mm × 1302.8mm
Package size (L×W×H) 1880mm × 225mm × 1160mm 2095mm × 225mm × 1310mm 2525mm × 435mm × 1750mm
Display size 1651.6mm × 929.9mm 1895mm × 1066mm 2160.8mm × 1216.4mm
Thickness 98.2mm 102.1mm 122.2mm
Net weight 55kg 75.4kg 117kg
Gross weight 69.5kg 90.8kg 143kg
Shell color Aurora purple
Shell material Aluminum Profile/Sheet Metal

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