It adopts integrated hardware design, embedded Linux operating system, and highly integrated system modules such as image recognition and tracking, automatic broadcasting, live broadcasting, VOD, acquisition, and recording. It is a new generation of fully automatic eight-camera recording controllers that meets the needs of conference recording, training and learning, and interactive teaching.


  • Using integrated hardware design, embedded Linux operating system, highly integrated image recognition tracking, automatic guide broadcast, live broadcast, on-demand, acquisition, recording and other system modules, easy to use and maintain, with high security.
  • Based on B/S architecture, log in to the web to realize functions such as live broadcast management, signal management, group management, user management, file management, scheduled recording, central control management, and system management.
  • Audio adopts AAC HDencoding method, and the audio and video are accurately and synchronously recorded.
  • Video adopts H.264 encoding method with adjustable bit rate. Support video encoding from 256kbps to 12Mbps, and support 1920×1080 resolutions.
  • Support encryption algorithm, which guarantees that the genuine machine can only be used after active support the authorized use date.

Product Detail

Video protocol H.264
Code stream 256Kbps~12Mbps
Video output format MP4/MOV/MKV/FLV/AVI/TS
Audio protocol AAC
Live broadcast protocol Support TS, RTSP, RTP and RTMP real-time protocol streams
Network protocol Support TCP, UDP, RTMP, RTSP, FTP, DHCP, HTTP protocol
Video input interface 4 SDI HD video interfaces, 3 HDMI high-definition video interfaces, 1 composite video interface
Video output interface 3 HDMI HD video interfaces
Input resolution 1920x1080P60/P50/I60/I50/P30/P25fps
Input resolution 1920x1080P60/P50/P30/P25fps, 1280x720P60/P50/P30/P25fps,


Audio input interface 3 3.5mm audio interfaces
Audio output interface 2 3.5mm audio interfaces (synchronous output)
Network port 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports
USB interface 3 USB 2.0 interfaces
Control port 4 RS-232 interfaces
Panel button 1×switch button
Storage 2TB
Power supply DC 24V/5A
Power consumption 45W
Weight 4.2kg
Size 484×310×60mm (L×D×H)
Operating temperature -10℃~55℃ (ambient temperature in a well-ventilated environment)
Relative humidity 20%~80% Relative humidity, no condensation

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