The horizontal constant symmetrical diffusion propagation technology is adopted, so that each frequency range of the speaker group does not interfere with each other, ensuring that the frequency response and sound pressure level of the speakers within the coverage range are average, and achieving a very clear and consistent sound effect. It can work with the subwoofer to form a linear array. It is suitable for performances, theaters, auditoriums, banquet halls, multipurpose halls and various high-end occasions.


  • Adopt two 8-inch Italian imported neodymium magnetic woofers and a 4-inch Italian imported voice coil neodymium magnetic tweeter.
  • The tweeter is specially designed to produce excellent sound wave output, with long sound projection distance, strong penetrating power, and wide coverage. With a horizontal constant symmetrical diffusion angle of 120°, all components in the box are arranged with left-right symmetrical dipoles on the central axis, so that they have a perfectly symmetrical diffusion direction.
  • The cabinet is made of high-quality imported Russian birch wood, and adopts precise CNC machining, and polyurea spray paint, high-end and wear-resistant.
  • Professional sockets and plugs with good electrical characteristics.
  • Professional hanging system, carefully optimized hanging parts and acoustic design make it possible to form a vertical linear array hanging with up to 24 speakers, the vertical coupling angle of speakers can be adjusted between 0° and 10°, step 1°.

Product Detail


Model KH-208 KH-118
Rated power LF: 600W, HF: 130W 800W
Peak power LF: 2400W, HF: 520W 3200W
Nominal impedance LF: 8Ω + HF: 8Ω
Frequency range 5 0Hz-20KHz 50Hz- 400Hz
Sensitivity LF: 102dB + HF: 107dB (1M/1W) 102dB
Maximum SPL (rated/peak) Woofer: 130dB/136dB, Tweeter: 128dB/134dB 131dB/137dB
Woofer 8″ × 2 1 8″ × 1
Tweeter 3″ compression drive × 1
Horizontal coverage angle (-6dB) 120°
Vertical coverage angle (-6dB) 10°
Net weight 27.5kg 60.5kg
Dimension (H×W×D) 250×705×450mm 540×705×700mm

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