The dimming controller adopts two control methods, serial port and network. It integrates 8 channels of 0-10V dimming and one channel of DMX512 dimming control methods. It supports remote control of the lighting brightness through a tablet or PC and is no longer limited to an Ordinary button switch, which is easy to operate.


  • Protocol compatibility: used with programmable central controller, fully support third-party device control.
  • ID selection: supportID identification,convenient for system cascading exte
  • It has 8 channels of 0-10V controllable dimming power supply. The dimming power supply can be a constant voltage dimming power supply or a constant current dimming power supply. The maximum driving current of each channel is 40mA.
  • With 1 DMX512 dimming control interface, adjust up to 512 controlled channels, adjust the brightness of 512 channels of
  • With a reset button, support factory reset function.
  • Indicator light: indicates running status and the switch status of the machine.
  • Network control: support remote control via Ethernet; support static IP settings and dynamic IP acquisition via DHCP, fully support third-party device control.
  • RS232 control: support controlling through the central control serial port, or third-party device.

Product Detail

Model TS-9103S
0 ~ 10V interface Output power: 0 ~ 10V, output current: 40mA * 8 channels
DMX512 interface 1 channel, support up to 512 controlled channels
Power supply AC 110V ~ 240V, 50Hz / 60Hz
Control method Via RS-232 or network port
RS-232 interface 3PIN header; baud rate: 9600, Data bit: 8, stop bit: 1, parity bit: none
Network interface RJ-45, 100M
Dimensions 484 × 209 × 44mm
Weight 3.2Kg
Power consumption 7.2W (MAX)

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