• Adopt a 48KHz sampling rate, clear and bright sound, better than the CD sound quality.
  • Using advanced processing chip architecture and unique processing algorithm, the microphone power-on connection time only takes 5 seconds.
  • Support intelligent detection of faults, prompting users of AP faults, host communication faults, and low signal strength.
  • Support charging through Type-C port, support 18W fast charging, with smart indicator status.
  • Support setting SSID function through UI.
  • Support Chinese and English language switching, and uniformly set through PC software.
  • The chairman unit has a speech timing function. When the timing speech function is turned on, the chairman unit is not restricted.
  • With voice control function, the microphone can be turned on intelligently. Support adjusting the sensitivity of the voice control and setting the closing time through the software.
  • Support sign-in function, set and initiate through PC software.
  • Support conference voting function, support five-key voting, three-key voting function, flexible and convenient.
  • Adopt 128-bit AES encryption technology, support WPA/WPA2 wireless security technology, prevent eavesdropping and unauthorized access, and provide higher confidentiality of the conference system.
  • Using wireless transmission technology, it only takes very little time for venue layout to carry out activities.
  • The chairman has a priority function to turn off all speaking delegate microphones.
  • Adopt a 4.3-inch full-color touch screen.
  • Equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack for connecting an external microphone.
  • Built-in lithium battery, the battery capacity supports 14 hours of continuous speech.

Product Detail

Model TS-W310D/ TS-W310DA
Microphone type Cardioid directional electret microphone
Frequency response 70Hz~12KHz
Sensitivity -33±1.5dB (0dB=1V/Pa,at 1KHz)
Max SPL 100dB(THD>3%)
SNR >80dB(A)
Crosstalk >70dB
Dynamic range >80dB
THD <0.1%
Maximum power consumption 3W
Power supply 18650 lithium battery
Charging method Connect the charging box through the Type-C interface
Colour Graphite gray
function Touch screen sign in
Display screen IPS screen
Dimension 240*136*111.4mm (L*W*H)
Installation method Desktop
Wireless frequency range 5.15~5.85GHz
Battery capacity 9600mAh
Microphone pole 220mm
Working hour in speech mode 13 hours
Working hour in mixed mode 14 hours

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