It can be used with subwoofers to form a linear array, which is suitable for performance activities, stadiums, theaters, multipurpose halls and various high-end occasions.

High-end line array KS-210

  • Dual 10-inch four-way two-drive design
  • Beam point steering with full frequency band
  • Can achieve ease focus simulation and compatible with fir maker

High-end woofer KS-S218

  • Woofer with double 18-inch energy and single 18-inch size
  • Push-pull sixth-order band-pass structure
  • Can achieve ease focus simulation


  • Adopt two 10-inch neodymium magnet woofers, two 8-inch ferrite woofers, and one Italian imported 100mm+65mm neodymium magnet coaxial compression driven mid-tweeter.
  • The cabinet is made of high-quality Russian imported birch wood, adopts precise CNC machining, polyurea spray paint, high-end and wear-resistant
  • Support full-band directivity control, the horizontal800-16KHz direction is controlled by the linear sound source waveguide, and the 100-800Hz direction is controlled by two 8-inch woofers to form a cardioid structure.
  • The professional hanging system can realize the preset angle under hanging and stacking. The carefully optimized hanging components and acoustic design make it possible to form a vertical linear array hanging with up to 24 speakers.
  • Four-frequency two-driver design.
  • The tweeter is specially designed to produce excellent sound wave output, with long sound projection distance, strong penetrating power and wide coverage.
  • Professional speaker sockets and plugs with good electrical characteristics.

Product Detail

Model KS-210 KS-S218
Rated power LF: 700W, HF: 150W 1600W
Peak power LF: 2800W, HF: 600W 6400W
Nominal impedance LF: 8Ω + HF: 16Ω
Frequency range 50Hz-20KHz 28Hz-150Hz
Sensitivity LF: 103dB + HF: 109dB (1M/1W) 108dB (1M/1W)
Maximum SPL (rated/peak) Woofer: 131B/137dB, Tweeter: 131dB/137dB 140dB/146dB
Woofer 10″ × 2 + 8″ × 2 18″ (100mm voice coil) ×2
Tweeter 100mm+65mm coaxial mid-tweeter × 1
Coverage angle (-6dB) 90°(H)-10°(V)
Net weight 39.2kg 83.9kg
Dimension (H×W×D) 300×625×560mm 680×625×800mm

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