• Adjustable Volume (0dB/-3Db/-5 dB/-10 dB/-15 dB/OFF ); Bass(+6dB/+2 dB/0dB/-2dB-6dB); Treble(+6 dB/+2 dB/0 dB/-2dB/-6dB).
  • Four conference modes: FIFO (first-in-first-out mode), NORMAL (normal mode), FREE (free mode), APPLY (apply to speak).
  • Support limiting the number of spokesmen: the number of speaking units can be set to 1, 2, 4 and 6; the chairman unit is not limited.
  • Support super extension function: one controller can connect 128 units, and up to 4096 units can be connected through extension.
  • Hand in handcable connection mode, convenient for installation and maintenance.
  • Adopt digital equalization and noise reduction modules for audio processing, ensuring clear and bright sound; designed with two audio inputs and four audio outputs for connecting peripheral devices.
  • Equipped with 2original sound output channels, connected to PA amplifier for sound amplification, and connected to a deck for recording.
  • Equipped with 2recording output channels, connected to equipment for recording.
  • Support voting and data management function, used with PC control software, other ITC conference systems, central control system and other devices to achieve the modern high-tech conference.
  • Used with telephone coupler for achieve teleconference.
  • Used with video camera tracking system for automatic tracking function.
  • It has passed the 3500V high voltage test.
  • Metal housing and internal circuits are well connected to the ground wire to ensure the 8000V anti-static capability.
  • The controller can be installed in the 19-inch standard rack, convenient for installation and maintenance.

Product Detail

Model TS-0604M
Input power ~90-132V/180-264V 50/60Hz  by switch
Microphone qty ≤4096
Channel number 1CH
Frequency response 30 ~ 20KHz
SNR >72dB(A)
Crosstalk >80 dB
THD <0.05%
Audio input LINE IN: 775mV  unbalanced
MIC IN : 50mV unbalanced
Audio output LINE OUT : 1V  unbalanced
REC OUT: 200mV  unbalanced
Output load >1KΩ
Serial port Connect to PC and camera tracking controller
Static power consumption 10W
Output power consumption 340W
Connection Special cables (8 pins)
Connector Reliable
Standard IEC60914
Working temperature -10℃~+60℃
Working humidity 20%~80% related humidity, no condensation
Color Black
Weight 3Kg
Dimension 484 ×305× 88mm
Installation method 19-inch standard rack

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