The new fully automatic eight-position audio and video recording equipment adopts integrated hardware design, embedded Linux operating system, highly integrated image acquisition, recognition and tracking, recording, automatic broadcast, live broadcast, on-demand and other system modules, meeting the needs of conference recording, training and learning, interactive teaching, etc.


  • An integrated hardware device, embedded Linux OS, highly integrated system module such as image recognition tracking, automatic navigation, live, VOD, acquisition, and recording, easy to use and maintain, with high security.
  • Based on the B/S architecture, you can log in to the web to realize functions such as live broadcast management, signal management, group management, user management, file management, scheduled recording, central control management, and system management.
  • Audio adopts AAC high-definition encoding method, and the audio and video are accurately and synchronously recorded.
  • Video adopts H.264 encoding method with adjustable bit rate; support video encoding from 256kbps to 12Mbps, and supports resolutions such as 1920×1080.
  • The most advanced tracking algorithm is used to detect the vertical movement tracking of face, and ignore other activities of the students; the accuracy rate reaches more than 90% to intelligently present classroom focus.
  • Accurately track students of low age and large height differences without installation of auxiliary tracking and analysis cameras, and support self-adaption of the height of students in different classes.
  • The recording and broadcasting controller has an encryption algorithm to ensure that the copyrighted machine needs to be activated to have the right to use and to support the authorized use date.
  • The controller has built-in shortcut keys and supports one-key recording, stopping, live broadcast and copying of recorded files.
  • With 2.2-inch LCD screen, to display system hard disk space, version number and recording status, IP address and other device information.
  • The controller comes with 2TB storage space, and the recording content can be stored for up to 2000 class hours; Supports frequent use of the device for more than one year; supports automatic deletion of old files and loop recording.

Product Detail

Video protocol H.264
Code stream 256Kbps~12Mbps
Video output format MP4/MOV/MKV/FLV/AVI/TS
Audio protocol AAC
Live broadcast protocol Support TS, RTSP, RTP and RTMP real-time protocol streams
Network protocol Support TCP, UDP, RTMP, RTSP, FTP, DHCP, HTTP protocol
Video input interface 4-channel SDI high-definition video interfaceS, 3-channel HDMI high-definition video interfaces
Video output interface 3-channel HDMI high-definition video interfaces
Input resolution 3840x2160P30fp, 1920x1080P60/P50/I60/I50/P30/P25fps
Output resolution 3840x2160P30fp, 1920x1080P60/P50/P30/P25fps, 1280x720P60/P50/P30/P25fps, 720X576P60/P50/P30/P25fps
Audio input interface 2-channel Phoenix terminal interfaces, 1-channel HDMI audio interface
Audio output interface 1-channel Phoenix terminal interface, 1-channel 3.5mm audio interface, 1-channel HDMI audio interface
Network port 2-channel Gigabit Ethernet ports
USB interface 5-channel USB 2.0 interfaces
Control port 4-channel RS-232 interfaces, 1-channel RS-485 interface
Panel button 1×switch button, 4×function buttons
Indicator light 3×LED indicators
Storage 2TB
Power supply DC 24V/5A
Power consumption 45W
Weight 2.25kg
Size 440×295×53.8mm (L×D×H)
Operating temperature -10°C~55°C (Well-ventilated ambient temperature)
Operating humidity 20%~80% relative humidity, no condensation

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