• 360° microphone pickup star array, wide frequency response, support analog output.
  • Automatically aim to the speaker, clear sound and low noise.
  • Desktop installation design, optimize audio capture, restore original
  • Desktop installation, is more neat and beautiful.
  • Built-in echo cancellation AEC, automatic gain AGC, noise suppression ANS and other audio processing functions.
  • Equipped with capacitive touch buttons, and red and blue mute indicators.
  • Support web background management function, support volume setting, automatic gain adjustment, noise suppression adjustment, echo cancellation on/off, and echo suppression adjustment.
  • Support loading different scenes through the web background management function, support presenting 4 different scenes, convenient for debugging and application in different use environments.
  • Support firmware upgrade function through web background management interface.

Product Detail


MonomerBack pole electret
Voice pickup radius6m
Frequency response40Hz ~ 20KHz
Sensitivity-38dB ± 2dB (0dB = 1V / Pa at 1KHz)
Output impedance500Ω ± 30% (at 1kHz)
Equivalent noise level<50dBA SPL
Maximum SPL103dBA SPL
Mute buttonCapacitive sensing and no noise touch button
Analog audio outputDocking video conferencing terminal
Input and output interface
System indicatorRed: Mute; Blue: unmute
Analog port (port 1)RJ45: build-in power supply and analog audio input and output ,with audio input (echo reference) indicator
Analog port (port 2)RJ45: Connect extended Mic (up to 3 extended Mic)
Switch box interface1 channel microphone output terminal, 1 channel reference audio interface
General specification
Input voltageNon-standard POE 48V power supply (via microphone switch box)
Input current0.1A
Switch box operating voltageInput 12V, output 48V (PoE)
Temperature requirement0℃ ~40℃(working status)、-20℃~+60℃(Non-working status)
Humidity requirement10%~80% (working status)、0%~95% (Non-working status); No condensation
Power consumption4.8W
SizeDesktop microphone: diameter 160mm, height 35mm;  analog front end Switch box: 70mm*66mm*27mm
Net weight391g

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