• Full duplex deep echo cancellation, broadband voice call HD technology, intelligent microphone mixing, dynamic noise suppression, automatic gain technology.
  • Built-in 4 unidirectional microphones form a 360-degree omnidirectional pickup. The best pickup distance is 4 meters and it can reach 6 meters at most. When using an extension microphone, the pickup distance can be as far as 8 meters.
  • Support wireless transmission function, no need for any cable to connect video terminals, PC and other communication devices.
  • Support USB, support video conference system, SaaS cloud video software platform, and network conference platform.
  • With AUX port; connect external communication terminals through 3.5mm audio cables; support video conference system, multimedia communication system, and network conference platform.
  • Support connecting to mobile phone terminals via 3.5mm audio cables, and support hands-free conference calls through mobile phones.
  • Support8G wireless audio transmission, no need for any cable to connect video terminals, conference intelligent touch screens and other communication devices.
  • Multi-party call collaborative office function: The multi-party conference function integrates USB network communication and analog interface communication, which can extend video or network conferences to the mobile phone network.
  • The speaker system uses a multi-core digital unit and the volume reaches 90dB; it supports 16-level digital volume adjustment.
  • Off-hook, on-hook, microphone mute, volume up/down, speaker mute and other buttons
  • Built-in 2400mA batter supports continuous working for more than 4 hours. And the standby time is 30 days.

Product Detail

Model TV-S63WL
Deep echo cancellation (AEC) > 65dB
Echo length ≥500ms
Bidirectional noise compression (NC) <18dB
Smart mic automatic direction finding technology (EMI) Support
Automatic gain control (AGC) Support
Speaker volume Max 90dB
Mic/speaker frequency response 100Hz-22KHz
Mic pickup radius 4 meters, 360° full range
Wireless transmission distance 10 m
Operating system Windows, Andriod, iOS, Linux
Port USB3.0 Type B port ×1

RJ9 extension mic port ×2

Analog audio 3.5mm port ×1

Reverberation time <500ms
Noise grade <-48 dBA
Extension mic (optional) Support connecting 2 extension mics, so that the pickup radius can reach 8 meters
USB cable 3 meters
Compatibility Support Windows, Andriod, iOS, Linux system driver-free automatic identification of cameras, mics and speakers

Compatible with video conference software on major platforms such as Zoom, Lynch, Vidyo, etc.

Power supply 5V 1A
Working temperature 0℃ ~ 50℃ (working state)
Working humidity 20% ~ 85%, no condensation
Dimension 180×180×42mm (L×W×H)
Net weight 0.63kg
Gross weight 1.14kg

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