• Professional compact mixer, ultra low noise discrete microphone preamplifier and +48V phantom power, powerful functions and mellifluous sound quality.
  • 8channels of Mic input interface are compatible with 6line input interfaces; microphone input interface supports 48V phantom power.
  • 2sets of stereo inputs and 4 channels of RCA inputs can be connected to stereo devices.
  • Provide 2 sets of stereo main outputs, 4 group outputs, 4 auxiliary outputs, 1 set of stereo monitoring output, 1 earphone monitoring output, and 2 effect outputs.
  • Provide 1 sets of main mixing breakpoint insertion, and 6 breakpoint insertions, and can be connected to additional processors (compressor, equalizer, limiter, etc.).
  • 13 high-precision carbon film faders with 60mm stroke.
  • Built-in MP3 player supports external U disk playback/recording through the USB interface.
  • Built-in USB sound card can connect to computer for music playback and sound recording.
  • Built-in 24-bit DSP audio processor can provide 100 preset effects.
  • A USB power supply interface can be connected to a USB light.
  • Support 7-band graphic equalization fader adjustment.

Product Detail

Mic input8 channels (8 XLR interfaces)
Line input6-channel single plug mono/stereo automatic switching hybrid interface
Stereo input channel2 sets (4 channels of mono), 4 channels of RCA input
Output channel2 sets of stereo main output, 4 marshalling outputs, 4 auxiliary outputs,  1 set of stereo monitoring output, 1 earphone monitoring output, 2 effect outputs.
INSERT1 set of main mix breakpoint insertion, 6 breakpoint insertion
USB interfacePlayback and recording with a USB disk
Audio processor24-bit DSP audio processor(including vocal, small house, hall, echo, echo + reverb,  plate, vocal music board, chorus GTR, rotating GTR, vibrato GTR type), 100 preset effects
USB sound card portSupport computer recording/playback, playback through CH11/12 channel
Phantom power+48V with switch
Frequency response20Hz-20kHz,±2dB
Distortion<0.03% at+0dB,22Hz-22KHz A-weighted
SNR<-100dBr A-weighted
Mono equalization High frequency: +/-15dB @12KHz; medium frequency: +/-15dB @100KHz-8KHz;  low frequency: +/-15dB @80KHz
Stereo equalizationHigh frequency: +/-15dB @12KHz; medium frequency: +/-15dB @3KHz or +/-15dB  @500KHz; low frequency: +/-15dB @80KHz
Main mixing crosstalk<-80dB @0dB 20Hz-22KHz A-weighted, main output: 0dB, other channels: minimum
Supply voltageAC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Rated power30W

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