Large professional mixer adopts ultra-low noise discrete microphone preamplifier and +48V phantom power; 26 channels of mono, 6 channels of stereo channel inputs, dual audio processor, and four grouping functions. It is suitable for all kinds of performance venues, conference rooms, schools, intelligent buildings, industrial and mining enterprises as well as for personal use.


  • 26 gold-plated XLR microphone inputs and balanced line inputs.
  • 6 stereo TRS balanced input interfaces.
  • Ultra-low noise preamplifier and +48V phantom power.
  • Extremely high space provides a wider dynamic range.
  • All input channels are equipped with mute, SOLO functions, overload LED & low cut filter.
  • MIC channel is equipped with low-cut filter and stage.
  • Each channel has 6AUX transmission, equipped with AUX1-2/AUX3-4/AUX5-6 andPRE/POS switchable faders.
  • Microphone channel intermediate frequency supports3-band EQadjustment.
  • Stereo channel has 4-band
  • There are SUB1-2, SUB3-4, MAINL-R and center signal distribution switch.
  • 100mm high precision fader.
  • Each single channel is equipped with plug-in interface and direct output interface, plus the main plug-in interface, which can flexibly connect to external devices.
  • (SUB1-SUB2) (SUB3-SUB4) | (L-R) (center) A&B matrix
  • Control room/mobile phone
  • 2-TRACK IN can be distributed to the main microphone, control room/headphone output.
  • Fully assignable intercom system.
  • WithaUSB port, support recording SUB1-2 or main output, and transmitting to CH23-24 system bus for playback.
  • 100 options of DSP effects.

Product Detail

Model TS-32PFX-4
Output channel 14 outputs (4 groups, 6.5 single-plug interface output; 6 auxiliary,  6.5 single-plug interface output; 1 stereo monitor, 6.5 single-plug interface output; 1 stereo RCA output port;  1 stereo main output XLR/6.5 single plug interface; 1 channel  center audio output/6.5 single plug interface.)
Input impedance Mic 2 kohm balanced

Line 10 kohm balanced

Input gain Mic continuous variable: 0dB to +50dB Line-mono continuous variable: -15dB to +35dB Line-stereo continuous variable: -20dB to +20bB
Maximum input level Mic +22d Bu  Line-(mono) +22d Bu  Line-(stereo channel) +22dBu
Interface transmission impedance 120ohm unbalanced
Interface transmission level/maximum -10dBu/+22dBu
Loop impedance 10 kohm unbalanced
Interface loop level/ maximum -10dBu/+22dBu
CMR at 1 kHz Line(20Hz-20kHz) >60dB
Frequency response Mixing to mixing 20Hz-20kHz+/-3dB
SNR (20Hz-20kHz) Mic EIN ref.150ohms-117dBu
System noise (20Hz-20kHz)
Summing noise -90dBu (24 channels of router to fader pull down)
Connection mixing noise -86dBu (24 channels of router to 0dB, pan center)
Distortion at 1kHz Mixing to device interface (+30dB overall gain, +20dBu output) <0.009%  Mixing to device interface (+30dB overall gain, +20dBu output) wavelength 0.03%
Crosstalk at 1kHz Channel to channel>-80dB  Mixing to mixing>-80dB Channel to mixing>-80dB
Fader attenuation >100dB
Output (rated signal level mic-50dBu to 0dBu-Line 0dBu)
Output impedance All lines output 120ohm unbalanced
Interface transmission impedance 120ohm unbalanced
Interface transmission level/maximum +22dBu
Interface loop impedance 10 kohm unbalanced
Interface loop level / maximum +22dBu
Maximum output level at XLR main output +28dBu
All outputs on 1/4″ plug +22dBu
Headphone +22dBu/600ohm
Main mixing section
Treble slope +/-15dB @ 12kHz
Alto-treble signal bell (stereo) +/-12dB @ 3kHz
Alto-treble signal bell (single) +/-12dB frequency range 100Hz-80kHz
Alto-bass signal bell (stereo) +/-12dB @ 500Hz
Bass signal bell (stereo) +/-15dB @ 80Hz
High pass filter slope -18dB/Oct. @ 75Hz
Power supply 100-240V-50/60Hz
Net weight 19.42kg
Gross weight 23.5kg
Carton size 618×1078×266mm
Product size 530×1020×190mm

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