itc listed as one of the Most Technological Advanced Company

Dec 02,2021 486 views

In order to enhance the brand influence and market competitiveness of Guangzhou enterprises, a group of leading Pre IPO companies are selected to set examples.

Under the guidance of the Guangzhou Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau, it took several months to select 30 leading companies with the strongest technological strength, the greatest development potential, and the highest-profile respectively.

itc is honored to be named as one of the leading companies with the strongest technological strength.

With a leading position in the audiovisual industry, itc has always been committed to independent R&D, production and manufacturing since its establishment in 1993. Adhering to the corporate mission of technical innovation as the driving force, it has established a strong presence in the industry and still strives to provide an advanced suite of solutions, products and services.

itc now owns 677 invention patents, utility model patents, appearance patents, and software copyrights, and has been awarded honorary titles including "High-Quality Products", "The Most Competitive Brand", "Guangzhou Leading Private Enterprises" for several consecutive years.

The award demonstrated convincingly itc strong business strength and affirmed its contribution in the field of technological innovation. With steady adherence to independent innovation, itc will definitely unlock more business opportunities as it moves forward.

At the same time, itc will also seize the policy opportunity and market trend, paving the way for being a listed company.