itc Ranks as Top10 Brand in Conference, Audio, and PA Systems

Jan 05,2024 959 views

Jinkongque Awards


Audiovisual Industry Annual List

The Jinkongque Awards, jointly created by professional audiovisual media, aims to honor leading industry brands, establish industry benchmark images, and promote the integration of audiovisual ecology and sustainable development of the audiovisual industry!

After more than three months of intense competition, itc, with its strong capabilities and wide recognition, stood out from numerous participating brands and won the 2023 Top Ten Outstanding Conference System Brand Award, the 2023 Top Ten Outstanding Professional Speaker Brand Award, and the 2023 Top Ten Outstanding PA System Brand Award!


2023 Top Ten Outstanding Conference System Brand


2023 Top Ten Outstanding

Conference System Brand

itc has been deeply involved in the conference field, dedicated to providing intelligent, efficient, and safe solutions for various industries. itc products are widely used in major projects such as the Olympics, the Winter Olympics, the Asian Games, the World Expo, the National Games, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, and the Beijing Daxing Airport. We have also supported the successful hosting of international conferences and forums such as the China-Central Asia Summit, the BRICS Summit, the Boao Forum, and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization meetings, providing strong intellectual support for the high-quality development of various industries.



2023 Top Ten Outstanding Professional Speaker Brand


2023 Top Ten Outstanding

Professional Speaker Brand

itc builds industry-standardized sound field construction with professional and scientific concepts and systems. itc acoustic team continues to improve product quality and independently developed the inside immersive sound system, excellent performance series professional sound system, and other audio products. Among them, the itc inside immersive sound system is the first immersive sound system in China, which realizes the integration of tracking system with immersive sound audio algorithm, achieving significant progress.

Professional Speaker solutions

PA System Brand Award

2023 Top Ten Outstanding

PA System Brand Award

In the field of public broadcasting, itc is innovative and has taken the lead in formulating group standards such as the "Technical Specification for Railway PA System" and "General Technical Specification for Digital PA System." It has also taken the lead in the formulation of key technologies and applications for long-distance audio transmission, thus creating a more mature audiovisual ecosystem and continually promoting the intelligent upgrading of the industry.

itc pa system cases

In the future, itc will strive to tap new potential, cultivate new advantages, embrace opportunities and challenges, continue to promote the smart upgrading of informatization in various industries, and provide more powerful impetus for the integration of audiovisual ecology!