itc inside Immersive Sound System

Dec 08,2022 694 views

itc inside Immersive Sound system is an audiovisual system developed and designed by itc. It adopts 3D immersive sound field simulation sound holographic processing and spatial sound and image positioning technology to create an audiovisual system. It makes use of sound, vision and other elements and combines people's subjective cognitive experience to make users feel the subjective feeling of being in the virtual space and realize what they see is what they hear. “inside” means to be immersed in it.

inside Immersive Sound System Feature

  • Spatial sound positioning precision. The inside immersive sound system can conduct real-time spatial positioning of performers on the stage, and transfer the positioning information to the audio system and lighting system in real time, so as to realize the automatic tracking of sound and lighting so that the audience can feel the real-time changes of the spatial position of performers in both auditory and visual senses.
  • Holographic sound display. The inside immersive sound system can realize the accurate positioning of characters or special effects sound in space, so that the sound felt by the audience is from the position of the performer, rather than projected from the sound speaker, so as to achieve the display of holographic sound.
  • It is able to realize the accurate spatial positioning of actors or special effects sound so that the sound reinforcement effect can be improved to a "speakerless experience".
  • Uniform sound pressure level. inside immersion sound through a group of relatively small speakers, evenly arranged at the front of the stage, can make all the audience feel the same size stereo pressure level.

inside Immersive Sound System Technical Features

  • Spatial positioning and tracking
  • inside Immersive Sound System adopts GRM spatial imaging technology and WFS wave field synthesis technology
  • Compatible with ART NET protocol supports light tracking

It is suitable for various artistic activities and speech activities such as concerts, operas, stage plays, etc.