Professional Sound System for Lecture Hall

May 17,2022 588 views

Speaker Placement Drawing



Ease Sound Field Simulation

We use high-end line array KS-210 (double 10-inch) as the main sound reinforcement equipment for the left, center and right channels of the lecture hall. These three groups of main reinforcement equipment can cover the auditorium more evenly. our speakers can be directed to the audience, reducing the energy of the surrounding reflected sound. Therefore, the sound can be expressed richer and more delicate with great texture.

By adjusting the pointing angle of the beam, the sound is more effectively projected to the required listening area, thereby reducing the sound interference from the back of the speaker to the rostrum or the stage, providing more clear and natural direct sound for speakers.

The subwoofer KS-S218, which is matched with the line array, is the smallest dual 18-inch speaker in the industry, and it still covers the bass with the energy surpassing the ordinary dual 18-inch speakers.

It uses the same unit as the KS-210 line array, which also adopts three-way design Double 10-inch imported neodymium magnetic woofer, and 100mm+65mm imported neodymium magnetic mid-tweeter coaxial units are provided by Italian B&C Cooperated with KS-210 high-end line array speakers, the sound of the entire lecture hall is integrated, restoring the purest sound effect!

A good speaker must have a good processor. The MIR algorithm processor independently developed by itc can integrate the speaker into the acoustic environment of the entire lecture hall, exert the best performance of the speaker. That is to say, even if the live environment is not particularly good and the echo is very large, after processing through the MIR processor, the energy of the direct sound will be strengthened and not blurred, so the sound will become very clear and bright without latency. Our MIR algorithm is currently the highest level DSP algorithm in the industry.

itc combines FIR and IIR filters through unique algorithm to develop MIR algorithm processor, which maintains ultra-low delay with only 1ms and ensures the perfect presentation of the sound. This is the first in the industry!

A good main reinforcement speaker needs a good monitor speaker. The stage monitoring system of the lecture hall adopts the unique14-inch three-way coaxial speakers in the industry After accurate calculation and design, we have developed three-way coaxial monitor speaker, which can make the connection of high, medium and low frequency more natural and smooth, and there is no interference between the three speaker units so that the sound quality is more clear, transparent and natural; in addition, because of the unified phase, the frequency response curve is flat, and there will be no acoustic feedback (howling) even when the microphone is very close, truly restoring the sound of the stage.

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