itc Won Great Awards in The Audio Industry

Dec 25,2023 917 views

To encourage Chinese electronic audio companies to strengthen and promote the sustainable development of the industry, the Guangzhou Electronic Audio Industry Association commended advanced companies and individuals in the industry. itc was awarded the "Guangzhou Electronic Audio Industry Technological Innovation Enterprise" and "Outstanding Association Member" awards. itc President Zhao Dingjin was honored with the title of "Industry Leader," and itc Advertising Director Zhang Bolong was recognized as an "Industry Elite."

Guangzhou Electronic Audio Industry Association

itc Won Great Awards in The Audio Industry

The Guangzhou Electronic Audio Industry Association was established in 2012. Throughout its development, the association has been committed to improving the product technology, production technology, and management capabilities of the industry, enhancing the visibility of electronic audio companies and the development level of the industry, and achieving breakthroughs in the industry's development.

itc Won Great Awards in The Audio Industry

After intense competition and comprehensive evaluation by expert judges on the enterprise's industry influence, technical service capabilities, research and development innovation, and brand influence, among other factors, itc stood out for its excellent performance on innovation level and achievements.

itc headquarter

For over 30 years, itc firmly committed to the path of intelligent manufacturing and independent research and innovation, actively participating in the development of the smart industry ecological industry. itc has now developed over 50 series of audiovisual and lighting systems and holds more than 3000 intellectual property rights. This significant award demonstrates the confidence and strength of itc. In the future, itc will continue to scientifically advance product and service upgrades and achieve high-quality corporate development.