itc Interactive Intelligent Touch Screen for Education

Sep 15,2022 738 views

The itc Education Interactive Intelligent Touch Screen series displays integrate function modules such as presentation, writing, interaction and sharing to create a paperless teaching scene, realizing an efficient and harmonious teaching environment.

This avant-garde design also extends to the classroom, which materializes an efficient and easy-to-use audiovisual equipment by the teacher.

First of all, we can see that the core part of our entire system is mainly intelligent interactive touch screens. Standard products include touch pen, pointer pen, wall-mounted bracket, and optional products include wireless screen projector, OPS computer module, mobile bracket, and interactive tablet smart pen. According to customer needs, you can choose 65-98-inch interactive smart board screens, and the construction method supports wall-mounted and mobile. The computer module is an i5/i7 processor, and there is a built-in teaching system for preparing lectures, which is convenient for our teachers to draw and other functions when teaching.

The above components, presumably you have a certain understanding, so the next is to take you to understand the functional advantages of the Education Interactive Flat Panel system.

Smart Eye-Care Solution

itc interactive smart board display is designed to protect teachers and students from eyestrain and eye fatigue caused by spending extended time in front of a visual display.

When the outdoor light is too bright, the traditional education interactive smart board display will reflect light on the screen and the screen will turn white, which will cause the students in the back row can not to see the content of the machine clearly. To solve these problems, our system mainly adopts 4K ultra-high definition display, anti-glare AG glass, 72% NTSC wide color gamut of 1.07 billion colors. This allows students to see clearly in different light. The display screen adopts the low blue light eye protection mode, which can effectively reduce the damage caused by blue light and radiation when our teachers use it.

  • 4K Ultra HD display, anti-glare AG glass, 72% NTSC wide gamut, 1.07 billion colors.
  • Low blue eye mode, effectively reduces the blue eyes of radiation damage to the user.

Make Classroom Collaboration Easy Than Ever Before

In use, it is touch interactive, you can open the annotation mode on any page of PPT anytime, anywhere, at any time, annotation record. You can also call up the whiteboard to write at any time, when the screen is not enough, you can extend the screen indefinitely.

In terms of appearance, the overall use of ultra-narrow, ultra-thin, front port hidden design, aluminum alloy structure, simple shape, screen anti-scratch and anti-collision, fire and explosion-proof anti-splash, no edge rounded corner design and Windows, Android dual system integrated design.