How wireless conference system can help you realize large conference room solutions

Nov 22,2022 690 views

During a large conference room, a large number of terminals may access at the same time, and the network is often unable to bear the situation and will break down. itc strives to achieve wireless conference system solutions that can meet the requirements of intensive wireless access. In order to adapt to the needs of different meetings, the layout often changes, the traditional wired hand-in-hand meeting system, need to extend the cable from the main machine room to the meeting room, generally needs to do wire digging trough, construction is difficult; Each seat unit is a fixed position; It's not easy to maintain.

The itc Wireless conferencing system uses a digital network capable of wirelessly transmitting information in a local area to deliver conference information accurately, quickly and securely to participants without changing the existing facilities. Wireless conference system is easy to install and move, easy to use and maintain, will not affect the building, venue decoration and other advantages, and gradually become an important development direction of professional conference system.

itc Wireless Conference System Advantages

  • Wireless conference room microphone and speaker system, fast venue layout, anytime, anywhere access, a few minutes to complete the preparatory work; No wiring, can adapt to the real-time change of the venue layout, do not need to destroy the original decoration of the venue; System maintenance is convenient, do not need to worry about wire aging, easy to keep.
  • WiFi conference system is compatible with wireless and wired conference applications, bringing together meeting speech, meeting sign-in, custom voting, tea service, speech timing & timing speech, voice control function, message notification, simultaneous interpretation, electronic table, camera tracking, fire protection and other conference application functions.

The system is a professional conference system designed by our company for the needs of people's congresses at all levels, government agencies, international conferences, public discussions, group boards of directors, high-star hotel conference rooms and other places. A full set of systems with user needs as the target, adhering to the simple, intelligent design concept, to give you a simple, flexible installation. Farewell to the traditional hand-in-hand meeting mode, no longer restricted by venue, space, or wiring. Create a new concept of convenient and fast meetings.

Wireless conference system is used in various medium and large conference rooms:

  • It is easy to install, use, and maintain and has no impact on the building and venue decoration
  • Integrate powerful conference functions and system application advantages at the same time
  • Meet the needs of large and dense wireless unit access, stable and reliable.