What are the Advantages of using a Remote Video Conference Equipment?

Oct 20,2022 786 views

The remote video conference equipment system is generally composed of projection display subsystem equipment, central control subsystem equipment, conference speech subsystem equipment, Pro sound subsystem equipment, monitoring subsystem equipment, lighting effect subsystem equipment and network subsystem equipment. All systems take the computer network as the platform, sharing data and control information, decentralized operation, centralized control, so that the equipment operator can be convenient, simple realize the monitoring and control of all equipment.

The advantages of using remote video conferencing equipment system:

Save the funds and time for the meeting

According to relevant information, the staff of each enterprise or organization spends more than 30% of their working time attending meetings every year. The annual cost of traveling on official business is high, and about 80 percent of every meeting or meeting is spent on the road.

Improve the efficiency of meetings

Since the cost of holding a video conference is roughly proportional to the time spent in the meeting, participants are encouraged to save time and become more efficient. As the participants of the meeting are local, and the materials, documents and objects related to the meeting are around, it can be fully convenient to communicate.

Adapt to some special circumstances

For some cities with bad traffic conditions and a long distance, video conferencing will bring great convenience. In some emergency situations, such as disaster relief, flood control and battlefield conference, video conferencing equipment can be used to timely understand or release emergency situations and decisions, but the effect is difficult to be measured with money.

Increase the number of participants

The video conference system supports multiple participants to form a video conference. At the same time, the video conferencing equipment has camera, VGA port and data flow function, which can increase the number of meeting participants at any time and even hold a plenary meeting. Headquarters decisions can be communicated to all employees in real-time.

ITC Diversified deployment video conference system solutions:

  • Small projects are deployed with built-in MCU, supporting up to 8 conference venues to join the conference at the same time;
  • Large projects are deployed with VCS8000 server, a single server supports 200 venues to join the conference, can display 64 venues on the big screen at the same time, and cascaded servers can realize access to thousands of venues.

itc is perfect in the quality stability of video conference system, after-sales guarantee, equipment aesthetics and other aspects.