One-stop Solution applied in Hainan Ecological Software Park

Dec 16,2022 725 views

Work in the park, live in the oxygen bar! Based on the " micro-city " development concept, Hainan Ecological Software Park has built a 15-minute life circle, a “national new industrialization demonstration base”. As a co-construction unit, itc has designed several audiovisual solutions for many venues, such as enterprises, hotels, schools and hospitals.

Overview of the itc systems in the Park

  • Park buildings:  Recording and Broadcasting System, WIFI Wireless Conference System,
  • Professional Sound Reinforcement system
  • Blue Horizon Jun Hua Hotel: PA system, Stage lighting system, LED screen, Professional Sound Reinforcement System, Digital Conference System
  • ischool Micro City Future School: Campus Broadcasting System, Conference System, Central Control System, Matrix System, Stage Lighting System, Multimedia Classroom solution
  • Software Park Hospitals: IP Network Broadcasting System

The itc audiovisual system applied in park office buildings

Recording and Broadcasting System, WIFI Wireless Conference System, Professional Sound System

Blue Horizon Jun Hua Hotel

With the ITC stage lighting system, LED screen, professional sound reinforcement system and other audiovisual & lighting systems, the hotel successfully puts into use and better meets the demands of business travel, business exchanges, closed training, business meetings, leisure and others of the park enterprises, employees and partners.

In the construction of Hainan Ecological Software Park, itc provides multiple sets of conference systems, sound reinforcement systems, stage lighting systems and other system solutions. itc not only design according to different places, making it more in line with practical applications and indoor construction but also patiently and orderly trains in the installation process, which all users are delighted with.


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