itc Smart Conference Room Solution for a State-owned Enterprise

Mar 25,2024 745 views

The recent application of itc comprehensive smart conference room solution at a state-owned enterprise in Jiangsu Province has brought about a revolutionary experience to the enterprise meetings.

Smart Conference Room Solution

To deepen the digital transformation and enhance work quality and efficiency, itc has specifically deployed various systems such as LED video wall, paperless conference system, interactive intelligent flat panel, digital conference system, professional sound system, video conference system, cloud conference platform, and central control for the conference room of the enterprise.

paperless conference system

Efficient and Convenient Office

Traditional meetings lead to the wastage of resources in various aspects. To address the need for energy conservation and efficiency improvement, itc cloud conference management platform supports integrated linkage with the entire system, providing intelligent management services throughout the meeting process and ensuring transparency in meeting management, asset statistics, and other usage data.

itc cloud conference management platform

Integrate with itc paperless conference system to easily handle meeting reservations, meeting notifications, automatic switch of equipment, automatic recording, sharing of meeting minutes, task issuing, and data analysis. This system meets various meeting requirements, creating an intelligent and interactive space for effective decision-making.

paperless conference system

paperless conference system

Ultra-clear Visual Experience

itc offers a high-definition LED fine-pitch screen with a large viewing angle and seamless display, enabling smooth switching between audiovisual content and achieving 4K Ultra HD displays. Cooperated with itc video conference system, it allows real-time synchronization of video playback images between different conference rooms, significantly enhancing meeting efficiency.

LED fine-pitch screen

High-quality and Powerful Sound

For sound amplification during meetings, itc designed a wireless digital conference system using 5GHz communication frequency band technology. This system boasts strong anti-interference capability and faster transmission rates. It also features a high-performance DSP digital audio processor to effectively eliminate feedback and restore human voice, ensuring precise communication.

DSP digital audio processordigital microphone

Paired with itc professional speakers, digital amplifiers, digital audio processors, and power sequencers, this system meets high-fidelity sound amplification requirements, ensuring clear, stable audio and complete venue coverage.

professional speakers

Seamless Collaboration

Equipped with itc video conference system, the conference room can achieve 4K ultra-high-definition image capture. The camera in front of the podium captures the panoramic view, while cameras on both sides of the conference room track the speaker during the meeting.

video conference system

Automatic speaker tracking enables high-quality, immersive remote interaction and promotes efficient cross-regional collaboration.


Flexible Presentations

itc electronic nameplates display the participants' names on one side and provide seating guidance and check-in QR codes on the other. Any adjustments can be made and synchronized in real-time to simplify meeting arrangements.

itc electronic nameplates display

Easy Meeting Control

itc central control system can control all meeting equipment with one key, including LED screen switch, paperless equipment lift, and audio and video switching, making meeting room management more convenient.

central control system

itc overall solution provides a highly compatible operating platform for enterprise meetings, promoting interconnected information resources and creating an efficient, environmentally friendly meeting space. It has injected a new vitality into the meeting rooms and received unanimous customer praise.

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