The active linear array speaker consists of digital amplifier and loudspeaker, with high-efficiency sound output, excellent sound quality, perfect protection function and good electromagnetic compatibility ability. It adopts the commonly used standard 220VAC power supply voltage(customized input power supply voltage is also supported). The combination of hoisting installation and linear array design allows 0-14 degrees of adjustable coverage area of the speaker and has the advantages of compact combination, lightweight, and convenient engineering assembly.


  • Plug and play, user-friendly operations.
  • Special aluminum alloy hanger combination, simple hanging method, convenient engineering assembly.
  • Strong power, smooth and soft sounds, high reduction.
  • The active speaker adopts a digital amplifier, providing acoustic enjoyment, high efficiency and reliable work.
  • Perfect protection function(short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, overtemperature protection, over/under voltage protection).
  • Applicable to the conference hall, multi-function hall, enterprise, school, military, entertainment places, etc.

Product Detail

Model LA-2650P LA-1200P
Type 2-frequency active linear array full-range speaker Active woofer
Power 150W (AES) 350W(AES)
Nominal impedance
Frequency range 85Hz~20KHz 40Hz-400Hz
Sensitivity 99dB (1M/1W ) 99dB (1M/1W)
Maximum SPL(dB) 121dB 124dB
Input sensitivity 0dB 0dB
Woofer 6.5″ x 2 12″ x 1
Tweeter 34mm (1.34″) compressed driver x 1 /
Horizontal coverage angle (-6dB) 90° /
Vertical coverage angle (-6dB) 10° /
Net weight 15.5Kg 27.5Kg
Size(H×D×W) (230 + 150) ×290×620mm 400x 450×620 mm
Power Supply AC~ 220V/50Hz, power consumption 120W AC~ 220V/50Hz, power consumption 280W

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