The digital mixer adopts 32-bit floating-point DSP audio processor and 24bit/48Khz digital-to-analog/analog-to-digital conversion. It supports 31-band GEQ processor, compressor, noise gate, delay, polarity, DSP effect, AUX, SUB, and LED level indication, load/save/copy mixer settings, remote control, USB interface, etc. It has 20 linear level inputs and 16 microphone preamplifiers and replay engines. It is suitable for all kinds of performance venues, conference rooms, schools, intelligent buildings, enterprises and also personal use.

Feature :

  • Built-in efficient DSP audio processor, super processing capacity, built-in 4 CPU chips, more powerful computing and processing capability.
  • Built-in dual digital audio processor enables users to freely edit the effect mode, sound depth and others.
  • 16 channels of MIC and LINE joint input interface and 16 microphone pre-amplifiers support connecting to all types of microphones; microphone input interface supports 48V phantom power.
  • 4 linear input interfaces can connect to stereo devices.
  • Support digital signal input and digital signal output functions and can be switched independently.
  • 8 breakpoint insertion can connect to additional processors(compressor, EQ, de-esser, filter).
  • Provide 2 sets of stereo main outputs, 8 auxiliary outputs, 1 set of stereo monitoring outputs, 2 headphone monitoring outputs.
  • Support independent monitoring and mute of input and output channels.
  • A 7-inch LCD HD color touch screen, visualized operation interface and function settings, resolution: 800 × 480, all input/output channels support touch screen to customize the title.
  • The input channel supports 4-band parameter equalization; the output channel supports 31-band graphical equalization.
  • A high-precision electric fader with 100mm stroke. Each input channel can be set before or after the fader.
  • Built-in 2 USB ports for stereo recording/playback/system upgrade.
  • 1 network interface, for firmware update or connecting to iPad for remote control.
  • Support scene memory function, save and call 24 scenes, 48 groups of DSP and equalizer presets, 104 groups of effector presets.
  • Support DCA grouping function, several input signals can be grouped into 1 group to control the volume, and 6 groups of DCA are supported.
  • Support replication function, can quickly debug and set the channels; support lock, unlock, password modification functions, effectively prevent wrong operations.
  • Optional: DANTE network audio interface or USB multi-track audio interface.

Product Detail

Model TS-20PD-4
MIC and LINE joint input 16 channels (they are all XLR/single-plug hybrid interface)
Linear input 4-channel stereo single-plug interface
Intelligent output 2 sets of stereo main outputs, 8 auxiliary outputs, 1 set of stereo monitoring output, 2 headphone monitoring outputs
INSERT 8-channel breakpoint insertion connect to additional processor
USB interface 2 USB ports for stereo recording/playback/system update
Screen 7-inch HD IPS touch screen, resolution: 800×480
AD/DA Support 24bit/48Khz
DSP processor 32-bit floating point
Phantom power +48VDC
Frequency response direct output 20Hz~20KHz at 0dBu±1.5dB
Distortion <0.01% at 0dBu±1KHz
SNR 107dB
Maximum input level +22dB
Linear input gain -15dBu~+35dB
Audio processor 12 effects: Hall, Room, Plate, Delay, Stdelay, Tremolo, Flanger, Chorus, DelayRev, StdelayRev, FlangerRev, ChorusRev
Noise gate Threshold range: -84dBu-0dB; start time: 0.5ms-200ms; release time: 5ms-2000ms
Compressor Threshold range: -30dBu-+20dB; start-up time: 10ms-150ms; release time: 10ms-1000ms; ratio: 1:1to24:1; gain: 0dBu-+24dB
Equalizer 21Hz-19.2KHz +/-24dB
ADC, DAC dynamic range 114dB
Internet Network port, with external router, can connect to ipad for remote control
Power voltage AC 90-240V 50/60Hz power supply
Working temperature Working temperature 0-40℃, storage temperature -20-60℃
Dimension 490×375×145mm(L×W×H)
Weight 9Kg

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